If you want to love your job, you need to be willing and able to leave it.

~Asia Bribiesca-Hedin

we help 6-figure professionals
get promotion-ready in 90 days.

welcome to the
intentional leadership group

Your leadership effectiveness
& career advancement accelerator


Because promotion-readiness equips YOU to dictate how you lead yourself, your teams, and your career.

The alternative is to simply go along for the ride and hope your employer (or the economy) has something good in store for you.

This might mean languishing in a role 2+levels BENEATH your capabilities and financial value or tolerating discrimination, poor treatment, and lack-luster opportunities you only allow because you mistakenly believe you don't have a choice..


why does this approach work ?

Our proven approach to leadership development helps you get promotion-ready in 90-days by rapidly up-leveling the quality of your decision-making and your strategic alignment, the two factors that dictate your professional results.

Who is this leadership accelerator for?

90% of our clients are professionals of color earning 6- and multiple-6 -figures with a few things in common:

They want their results to match their effort,


They want to dictate how their leadership, career, and impact unfold.

  • Feeling your team is not living up to its potential?

    1. Battling persistent self-doubt despite trying countless "confidence hacks"?

    2. Unsure of your career direction, feeling adrift without a compass?

    3. Struggling with past traumas from horrible bosses or toxic work environments?

    4. Lacking the influence to make an impact in your organization?

    5. Sidelined during promotions while watching less experienced colleagues ascend?

    6. Trading personal time to work harder, yet seeing no tangible results?

    7. Being pulled in every direction, lacking a strategic plan for your career?

    8. Feeling undervalued or undercompensated without knowing how to close the gap?

    9. Struggling to bounce back after a major setback?

    10. Letting personal challenges impede your professional performance?

    11. Feeling like you've lost the initial drive and momentum in your career?

    12. Dreading work due to challenging personalities or dynamics?

    13. Questioning if age or experience level is holding you back?

As a successful professional, there are challenges you shouldn't need to struggle with any more and that's where getting strategic and staying promotion-ready come in.

You've repeatedly proven yourself but feel like your accomplishments continue to go unnoticed.

You want your contributions, executive presence, and influence to be undeniable.

You've seen less qualified colleagues promoted ahead of you.

You want to get the job or promotion, even if you're not looking. You want to stand out for key opportunities - no more leaving your career to chance.

You're losing sleep over your team. You're stuck with how to get them to stop in-fighting so they can get on the same page and focus on what's important.

You're ready to peacefully align your team toward meaningful results.

You're one-, two-, or even three- levels beneath where you should be based on your credentials and capabilities.

You're ready to recover lost ground and and the trajectory of your career.

You've been dissatisfied with your job and the trade-offs you've made. You know burning-out and selling-out aren't the right options.

You want to reclaim your professional life and impact on your terms.

Bottom line...

Our clients become influential, sought-after leaders without over-working, people-pleasing, or selling their souls.

the Group

What's Inside The
Intentional Leadership Group

Weekly Leadership Training

We meet every week to take you through our 3-pillar intentional leadership framework that you will carry with you throughout your career.

In each session you’ll learn a new competency, apply it, get coached and learn from fellow leaders.

Built-In Accountability

Each week you'll receive a session summary, recording, and reflection questions to help you apply what you learn. We know the that knowing isn't enough, so you will identify your next step each week and, working in your small group, you'll get support, and structured accountability. No busy-work, just progress.

Expert Coaching

During each session you'll have an opportunity to raise your hand for live coaching. When you're not being coached you'll watch and learn as others are coached. Participants learn even more from watching others get coached, but we encourage you to bring emerging challenges and opportunities and raise your hand!

plus also included

Executive Career Tools

1:1 Professional Resume & LinkedIn Makeover

Professional Story & Interviewing Workshop

Leadership Confidence Intensive Weekend

Everything you need to be


When you elevate your strategy, you elevate your results.


New job, promotion, or industry, every 6-figure professional needs an executive resumé expertly crafted by an elite resume pro who understands your unique goals and attributes.


No more confidence-hacks or pretending. Our approach changes how you think and what you do, so you build lasting self-confidence to ask better questions and nurture meaningful relationships.


Your monthly, weekly, and daily effort, and your team's is finally strategically aligned on what's most important to you, your organization, & their individual roles.


Your Linkedin profile is ready for prime-time and inviting incoming opportunities for networking, roles, and even speaking opportunities.


An expertly crafted professional introduction to confidently communicate your value whether at an interview, board meeting, or networking over hors-doeuvres.


You understand what's most important to your goals, organization, and industry. You build collaborative relationships that bring your priorities to fruition.

What our clients say...



"Her presentation on how to take control of your own career was truly inspiring."

- Program Manager

"Asia's discussion topics kept everyone engaged throughout the event and we look forward to her hosting future events."

- Certified Project Manager

"Thank you for delivering another excellent program for the American College of Healthcare Executives!"

- Learning + Organizational Development | Award winning professor

"Asia always took time to ask how I was doing and how she can support me in my development"

- Senior Implementation Leader

Client Wins Go Beyond

Promotions and New Roles


What's Inside The Intentional Leadership Program

Week 1

How to think like a leader.

Week 2

How to .....

Week 3

How to .....

Week 4

How to .....

Week 5

How to .....

Week 6

How to .....

Week 7

How to .....

Week 8

How to .....

Week 9

How to .....

Week 10

How to .....

Week 11

How to .....

Week 12

How to .....

The Intentional Leadership Group


Winter 2024 cohort



Twelve 90-minute sessions

January 16th, 2024 to April 16th, 2024

5pm PST / 8pm EST.

Weekly session exceptions:

  • No session on January 23rd.

  • No session on March 19th.

All sessions will be recorded.


Saturday & Sunday

January 20 & 21, 2024

9am to 1pm PST / 12pm to 4pm EST

each day

All sessions will be recorded

$ 3750

Payment Options Available


Meet Asia Bribiesca-Hedin

Hi, I'm Asia.

'I'm a management consultant and enterprise strategist turned leadership behavior specialist and executive coach.

Having a clear leadership and career strategy is essential for achieving professional success.

Without a strategy, you are simply reacting to circumstances beyond your control. When you get
strategic, you will make intentional moves towards your goals.

Accomplished professionals choose to work with me because my strategic approach and coaching expertise has helped many become more strategic and intentional in their careers and lives. 

Whether it’s a promotion, career change, or simply having more peace and satisfaction in your current role, by working together, you are choosing to empower yourself instead of leaving your plan in someone else's hands.

Your legacy is created one strategic decision at a time. 


promotion readiness enhances your abiLity to lead yourself and others

go From Reacting to Strategizing

  • Working nights/weekends to get ahead.

  • Losing your edge when challenged.

  • Slowed by second-guessing and doubt.

  • Derailed by unexpected set-backs.

  • At a loss with difficult team members.

  • Doing the right work to get ahead.

  • Getting even more intentional and strategic when challenged.

  • Confident in your ability to figure things out.

  • Mitigation strategies in place to guide you through set-backs.

  • Partnering toward aligned solutions with difficult team members.


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If you want to love your job,
you need to be willing and able to leave it.

We help 6-figure professionals get promotion-ready in 90 days.

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