you're not the problem, your strategy is.

when you elevate your strategy, you elevate your results.

welcome to the intentional leadership group

The only thing more important than knowing where you fit in your organization's strategic plan is knowing where they fit into yours.

-Asia Bribiesca-Hedin

Principal Coach and CEO, Bridgewell LLC



elevate your role, PERFORMANCE, AND TEAM IN 90 DAYS.

Who the Intentional Leadership Group is for:

The ILG is for accomplished professionals
who want their results to match their effort.

Despite being a top tier professional there are challenges
you don't want to struggle with any more.

  • Feeling your team is not living up to its potential?

    1. Battling persistent self-doubt despite trying countless "confidence hacks"?

    2. Unsure of your career direction, feeling adrift without a compass?

    3. Struggling with past traumas from horrible bosses or toxic work environments?

    4. Lacking the influence to make an impact in your organization?

    5. Sidelined during promotions while watching less experienced colleagues ascend?

    6. Trading personal time to work harder, yet seeing no tangible results?

    7. Being pulled in every direction, lacking a strategic plan for your career?

    8. Feeling undervalued or undercompensated without knowing how to close the gap?

    9. Struggling to bounce back after a major setback?

    10. Letting personal challenges impede your professional performance?

    11. Feeling like you've lost the initial drive and momentum in your career?

    12. Dreading work due to challenging personalities or dynamics?

    13. Questioning if age or experience level is holding you back?

You don't just want a new role, you want a career where you feel empowered, valued, and impactful, no matter who you happen to work for.

You want to get the promotion next time around and don't want to leave it to chance.

You're ready to up-level your team's results and effectiveness and want to avoid overworking or having it backfire.

You're repeatedly proving yourself but feel like your accomplishments go unnoticed.

You want to make a switch, perhaps to a new industry, without losing ground.

You want to feel as confident inside as you look outside.


Intentional Leadership Group

When you elevate your strategy, you elevate your results.

elevating your results

What do we mean by elevated results?


Whether pursuing a new job, your next promotion, or a brand new industry, you'll be ready after working 1:1 with our elite resume pro on your executive resume and professional profile.

Elevated Confidence

Build lasting self-confidence.

Ask better questions, speak clearly, and nurture real relationships.
Feel as confident on the inside as you look on the outside.



Your team finally aligned on what's most important to your organization, department, & their role.

Communicate clearly and help them course-correct and grow.

Elevated Networking

You'll create a "power narrative" and confidently communicate your value whether interviewing, at a board meeting, or casually networking over hors d'oeuvres.



Strategic decision-making that's simple, intentional, and a clear reflection of your values and priorities. Replace self-doubt and second-guessing with confident decision-making.



You understand what's most important to your organization and industry and build the collaborative relationships that help bring your organization's priorities to fruition.

rise to next-level leadership

From Reacting to Strategizing

  • Working nights/weekends to get ahead.

  • Losing your edge when challenged.

  • Slowed by second-guessing and doubt.

  • Derailed by unexpected set-backs.

  • At a loss with difficult team members.

  • Doing the right work to get ahead.

  • Guided by strategy when challenged.

  • Confident in ability to figure things out.

  • Strategic mitigation of set-backs.

  • Partnering on solutions with difficult members.

the Group

What's Inside The Intentional Leadership Program

Weekly Leadership Training

We meet every week to take you through our 3-pillar leadership framework that you will carry with you throughout your career. In each session you’ll learn a new competency, apply it, get coached and learn from fellow leaders.

Built-In Accountability

Each week you'll receive a session summary, recording, and reflection questions to help you apply what you learn. We know the that knowing isn't enough, so you will identify your next step each week and, working in your small group, you'll get support, and structured accountability. No busy-work, just progress.

Expert Coaching

During each session you'll have an opportunity to raise your hand for live coaching. When you're not being coached you'll watch and learn as others are coached. Participants learn even more from watching others get coached, but we encourage you to bring emerging challenges and opportunities and raise your hand!

plus also


Professional Resume & LinkedIn Makeover

Professional Story & Interviewing Workshop

Leadership Confidence Intensive Weekend


What's Inside The Intentional Leadership Program

Week 1

How to think like a leader.

Week 2

How to .....

Week 3

How to .....

Week 4

How to .....

Week 5

How to .....

Week 6

How to .....

Week 7

How to .....

Week 8

How to .....

Week 9

How to .....

Week 10

How to .....

Week 11

How to .....

Week 12

How to .....


Exclusive 3-Pillar Framework

Know Yourself

Know Your Role

Know Your Goal

The Intentional Leadership Group



Every Tuesday

September 12th to December 5th

5pm PT / 8pm ET.

Weekly session exceptions:

-September 25th (Monday) instead of September 26th (Tuesday)
- October 30th (Monday) instead of October 31st (Tuesday)

-No session on Thanksgiving week

Leadership Confidence Intensive Weekend:

September 16th

9:00am to 2:30pm PST

All sessions will be recorded


Everyday Wins

"I got a job offer and it's a healthier culture to be a part of."

- Controller

"I was able to get the first ever budget approved by the Board of Directors."

- Executive Director, Human Services Organization

"I can still use what's in it to help them excel in the company if they want to."

- Sr. Director Operational Excellence

"We submitted the grant application we've been preparing for over 6 months!"

- Founder and Scientist

"I was focused on planning a really big Dewali celebration and didn't get anxious about not knowing my next professional step ."

- Technology Director

"We usually struggle with nursing coverage, but we covered the entire 3 week period of a nurse going on leave."

- Nursing Director

"I started to feel that I can see the path to my next step."

- Scientist

"I had an event in historic Filipino town and thought it would be a big loss, but my goods sold out!"

- Entrepreneur

"I passed the certification exam!"

- Project Lead, Edtech

"I feel like I'm coming out of it."

- Sr. Director Operational Excellence

"I did receive some really, really positive feedback recently"

- Consultant

"It just felt like me talking to people about stuff that I knew."

- Sr. Director Operational Excellence

"I was able to get into the conversation with a lot"

- Consultant

"I've been getting a lot more responses. So I've noticed that was something that changed just in a week."

- Consultant

I've been finding myself reassessing as I come up with tasks to determine what's really important.

- Sr. Director Operational Excellence

"Our values are aligned and now I'm just waiting for the offer."

- Principal

"I showed up really well."

- Management Consultant

"Going through the training so I can apply it."

- Project Manager

"Just the fact that I reached out. I am considering it a win"

- Sr. Project Manager

"I'm focusing on focusing and it's working!"

- Principal

"Accepting imperfection and myself"

- Sr. Director Operational Excellence

"My win is I really spent time with my family"

- Sr. Director Operational Excellence

"I just have had so many meetings that have been really productive."

- Consultant

"I've continued to narrow down where I do want to be."

- Sr. Project Manager-

"I left a good impression on my new sponsor.."

- Director, Quality

"I feel like I've turned a corner"


"Getting a lot done and taking care of myself"

- Sr. Project Manager

"trying to get my feet wet again into the job market"

- Principal

"I've been noticing other people"

- Consultant

"I find myself asking questions and participating in the conversation"

- Sr. Director Operational Excellence

"Added a lot of value"

- Consultant

"I let them figure it out and it was pretty good."

- Nursing Leader

"Really trying to define what I want to be doing"

- Administrator

In A Client's Words

Fall 2023 Cohort is NOW CLOSED

Join the waitlist for our first cohort of 2024


Meet Asia Bribiesca-Hedin

  • Professional speaker, leadership trainer, & executive coach

  • Ernst & Young Alumna

  • Top certifications: ICF, Co-Active, The Life Coach School

  • Expertise in Leadership Psychology

  • Forbes Coaches Council - Official Member

University of Southern California



Pepperdine University


BS, Business

Cornell University


Leadership Psychology

Co-Active Training Institute


Professional Coach

Life Coach School


Professional Coach


What My Clients Say

"She is a gift. Her coaching has been life and career-changing for me."

- Nonprofit Leader & Development/Fundraising Expert | Professional Writer I Storyteller I Major Gifts

"The amount of growth I've experienced working with Asia is unparalleled!"

- Consulting | Media | Tech | Social Impact MBA

"Asia brings incredible insight and energy, and a level of transparency I'm not accustomed to. I can't express how refreshing it was to be present in an environment that was engaging, informative, and in EVERY way empowering."

- Executive Director, Nonprofit

"Sessions lead by Asia were a great investment of my valuable weekend time."

- Global Mobility Leader

"Asia is exceptional in her content and delivery."

- CEO, CRM Strategic Integration Expert

"Her presentation on how to take control of your own career was truly inspiring."

- Program Manager

"Asia's discussion topics kept everyone engaged throughout the event and we look forward to her hosting future events."

- Certified Project Manager

"Thank you for delivering another excellent program for the American College of Healthcare Executives!"

- Learning + Organizational Development | Award winning professor

"Her body of expertise and ability to combine humor, data and truth telling into a highly focused presentation is unparalleled."

- Community builder. Equity activist. Heart speaker. Thought leader.

"I’m always inspired by Asia."

- MBA, Consultant, Accountant

"What I liked best about her approach was that it was quick, focused and effective."

- University Professor

"Asia always took time to ask how I was doing and how she can support me in my development"

- Senior Implementation Leader

"Asia is truly an inspiring mentor and a dedicated leader who has been a great advocate."

- Regulatory, Quality, and Risk Management | Leader

satisfaction guaranted

100% Guaranteed

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